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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance Explained

Disability insurance helps employees take protection against the possibility of being hurt or disabled on the job. The insurance replaces part or all of a person’s income when they are unable to work.

Disability Eligibility

Disability insurance is important for anyone who has a job. It not only applies when people are seriously injured, but it can come into play if a person misses work because of surgery or a less critical illness. Statistics show that one out of every four people in the United States will deal with a disability at some point. This insurance policy can provide protection for the injured person and their family.

How it Works

When disability is a workplace benefit, then you can use it when the situation calls for it. You will have to apply for it, and wait to see if the employer approves it. There is short term and long term disability. Short term disability pays for a few months or until the worker can return to their position. Long term disability can remain active for an extended period of time. If a person is eligible for government disability, then they can receive the benefit indefinitely.

Types of Coverage

Depending on the amount of coverage, future payments can increase or decrease. Basic disability covers 50% to 75% of earnings, while extensive policies can pay 100% or 125-150% of earnings.

Disability protection is important for people who work jobs that require physical labor. Construction, mines, and sports are high-risk jobs. People in these professions are at the greatest risk of suffering injuries.

Disability insurance can keep the income coming in when you’re unable to work.