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Umbrella insurance is for a business or individual that worries about being liable for someone’s claim. When a person or business is sued for something, the umbrella policy makes sure the accused does not pay out of their own pocket for a judgment.

Individuals and businesses can use an umbrella policy when they do not have the wealth to protect themselves from a lawsuit. A business needs this policy to make sure they do not have to pay for injury claims. Businesses need this coverage to make sure they are protected when someone makes a claim against their product or service.

To file a claim on the policy, the policyholder must fill out paperwork that proves they are being sued. The judgment is filed with the insurance company, and the insurance company completes the paperwork before paying the claim.

These policies cover a level of liability that the policyholder chooses. The policyholder decides how much coverage is needed when they get the policy. An agent will help you figure out how to best write the policy.

Umbrella insurance is something to think about if you’re worried about being sued. If you have a business, then you really should consider it. An umbrella policy will help you pay costs that other insurance will not.