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Renters Insurance

Renter’s insurance is something all renters should consider. Just because you rent your residence doesn’t mean you can forget about insurance. You still have to think about natural disasters, fires and even burglary. You don’t want these things to happen, but they do often happen to rental spaces – such as apartments.

The landlord pays for insurance on the building, but this offers the landlord protection and does not extend to residents. What do you do when your brand-new stereo is damaged because there’s a pipe leaking in the apartment above yours? What happens if your property is damaged during a fire? Renter’s insurance would help you to financially deal with those problems.

Renter’s insurance covers natural disasters and property damage, including:


Hail and wind damage

Frozen and burst pipes and plumbing

Lightning damage

Rental insurance also helps if your possessions are stolen from your rented residence. This includes electronics, furniture, high-value art, and other material possessions.

Renter’s insurance is like other types of insurance in that it helps you repair or replace damaged or stolen goods. However, that’s not all it does. This insurance protects you if you’re sued because someone is hurt in your rented housing.

It’s important to note that renter’s insurance doesn’t cover business losses. So if you work from your home, consider getting insurance specifically for your business.

Even if you don’t own your home, you probably own thousands of dollars worth of personal belongings. If you consider the value of your belongings, then you should see just how crucial renter’s insurance is. The insurance is generally affordable, and you might qualify for discounts if you have a home security system.