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Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental insurance is recommended for people without a lot of money for insurance. Instead of allowing holes in your basic health policies, supplemental policies boost your overall insurance coverage. Each supplemental policy is specific, and you are only buying what you want or need.


Supplemental policies are a good choice for people who prefer to have comprehensive insurance, but can’t afford it. Going from one tier of health insurance to another can be expensive. A better idea for some people is to purchase a supplemental health and hospital policy. The cost is generally less expensive than upgrading a policy, and the benefits are great.

How It Works

Supplemental policies are simple. You choose a policy, sign up, and make monthly premium payments. Payments are typically as small as $5 to $10 per policy. When you need the policy, you receive the cash to use however you want.

For example, a health and hospital policy might pay $5,000 when you are admitted to the hospital. You can use this money to pay out of pocket expenses, replace lost earnings, and other things.


Various supplemental policies are available. Supplemental cancer insurance, health insurance, hospital insurance, long term illness insurance, automobile insurance and life insurance are all popular. Each policy covers a different situation, but they are all supplemental policies.


Having the insurance that you need is always beneficial. It can save you from going bankrupt should you face a medical crisis.